Wednesday, October 18, 2017



Does anyone know what the heck this is?

UPDATE: It just looks like a giant sea creature formerly unknown to science. It's the underwater side of a small iceberg in East Antarctic waters.


Friday, October 06, 2017


If it Wasn't for Double Standards....

Here is a tedious lecture from the ever shrinking NYT about guns. I just want to point out one main thing but but first this little detail is worth a quick detour.

...the previous deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, in 2016 — when a madman gunned down 49 people in a nightclub in Orlando, Fla.... (Emphasis added)

Is "madman" the new euphemism for Islamic terrorist? It's difficult for me to keep up with lefty PC versions.

OK to the main point.

And one element of Sunday’s mayhem was so senselessly absurd that it has stirred even Republican legislators and their masters in the gun lobby. (Emphasis added).

You see the left thinks that the gun manufacturing lobby absolutely controls the Republicans, making them the slaves to their evil gun manufacturing masters' whims and wishes. 

No gun manufacturer even appears on the list of the 50 biggest spenders of lobbying efforts for businesses etc.

Unions spend in excess of $45 Million each year lobbying Democrats. The totally evil and bathed in innocents' blood NRA spends about $3 Million. But the phrase "Democrats and their masters in the Unions" has apparently never appeared in print in the dying elite media. The thought never crosses the Democrat mind, I guess.

I'm thinking that the enormous power of the NRA per dollar spent has something to do with the Citizens United Supreme Court case or something. It's tough to tell what the left truly believes.


Thursday, September 28, 2017


Ministry of Truth




Giving Up on the NFL

Although it's pretty silly and petty given the real problems facing the United States and the World, everyone is talking about the kneel down of some players during the National Anthem before the game starts. I really don't care, but I've noticed my fervor for professional football has cooled significantly over the past few years. Here's what I think is the prime reason for that:

The rule changes.

What is and what is not a catch of a forward pass is now something akin to the Medieval debate of how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Unnecessary roughness, unsportsmanlike conduct are also applied inconsistently. What used to be universally regarded as a good tackle now may or may not draw a 15 yard penalty, depending, it seems, on the whim of a ref.

There is holding by the offensive linemen nearly every play and it's called a lot but not based on any coherent philosophy I can detect.

Also the game has become a lot more boring, most of the time; not yet baseball level boring but close. It's pretty one dimensional. Only sporadically exciting with lots of down time, prime for endless advertisements

So if the structure collapses and the league falls apart, it won't be because lately-just-plain-awful quarterback Colin Kaepernick is a racist idiot; it takes a lot of time and effort to ruin a whole genre of sport.

And what really gets me is that my friend, Jason Ford, fixed my TV's ability to have the sound go through my stereo receiver and pointed out the 'direct' setting which retains the sound in the stadium -- the hits, the signals, the whistles, crowd noise and in stadium announcements but filters almost completely out the fatuous blather of the TV announcers. (It also removes the pitch of the commercials while leaving the music in). Things were just beginning to look up for my enjoyment of Broncos' games. Damn....

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Friday, August 25, 2017


Problem Solved

Although the federal government's hurricane office often rates the power or category of a hurricane as a major hurricane, if you look at the top wind-speeds recorded in the area, the actual wind speed is generally much smaller. Anyway, Category 2 (minor) Hurricane Harvey is coming ashore in Texas. They may count this as a major hurricane but I doubt it deserves such a rating.

On the up side, here is the drought index the federal government keeps track of. Some abnormal dryness in south Texas is about to be ended. That's a good thing.

Hope everyone keeps safe in the storm.



Total Eclipse

Whatever we can do with our cameras, even what NASA, et al., can do with its telescopes, there is nothing recorded which compares to live viewing of the event. (Sorry to be so "I saw it, you didn't" grade school taunting). But here are some of the photos I made.

The last two were as the sun came out from behind the moon and the very last has an early Star Trek special effects vibe, for some reason.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017



The entry into the bar on Sunday of the guy in the giant Death disguise has me thinking about the supposedly ancient story, retold by Somerset Maugham, of Death and Samarra. Here is where I first heard it, from Boris Karloff in the early Bogdanovich movie Targets.

Samarra is about 80 miles from Baghdad. Must have been a pretty magnificent horse.


Very Early Halloween

Saw Die Antwoord at Red Rocks on Sunday. Very impressive. They are clearly my favorite co-ed South African rap duo.

But the night was young, so I went to my favorite bar and about 30 minutes later, Death comes in and freaks everyone out. Very good costume. He was on the stilts the dry-waller's use. I took a few photos.

Wonder what Death was drinking?

Disrupting the Karaoke DJ's song.

She was streaming on facebook, not taking a selfie.

Then he left.


Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Thought of the Day

Beforehand, I had no idea where the establishment stood on Nazis, but now it's crystal clear. They hate Nazis because Nazis are bad. Everyone from CNN to Mitt Romney hates Nazis. I couldn't be prouder of an establishment that takes that kind of tough stand. They're going to hate Nazis, and they don't care whose jack-booted toes they step on!

I also learned that if you hate Nazis for being bad, you're not allowed to hate anybody else who’s also bad, because Nazis are so bad that you have to devote all your hating capacity to hating Nazis such that there's no room left to hate anybody else. Those hammer and sickle flag-carrying Communists? Well, you must love the Nazis if you hate them, because you have got to hate the Nazis with all your mind and all your heart since, as we learned this week, Nazis are bad. I'm so glad that our moral betters have this all figured out.

Kurt Schlichter


Thursday, August 17, 2017


Unflattering Comparisons

The people, like Roger Waters, who support removing all the Jews living in the West Bank are supporting a Nazi idea called "Judenrein" -- clean of Jews. Most of them are too blind with anti-semitism to see it.

Here's another practice the fascist antifa/left has adopted. Which one of the next several photos is not like the others?

Like adopting Nazi ideas as your own, destroying statues that offend you puts you in some pretty awful company.



Statues Whose Removal I Could Support





Thought of the Day

Iceland isn't actually eliminating Down Syndrome. They're just killing everybody that has it. Big difference.

Patricia Heston


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